Illustrations and art works from the desk of little monique.

Writing, writing, writing. Start with the sketching. Painting and mixing, painting and mixing, mixing and mixing. Painting, painting, painting. Stopping to look at books and look at other artworks . Getting lost in the diaries of David Wojnarowicz, his beautiful raw writing.

Go back to it. Push the paint in harder, let go, then gently lift and fade the brushstroke out. Smash the brush in so that the bristles spread out like life trying not to let go. Like you’re scrubbing your toilet. Take your finger and spread. Close your eyes, breath in, try again. Take a rag and violently scrub off the color until there is nothing. Stare off into space asking “why am I doing this?”. Look over at the right side, the side that actually looks good. Take the Light Portland Grey and quietly watch it work into your surface to make things right. There, now it’s… just another… ( 5 hours later) Play more music…

Now bring yourself in close to the painting like you’re blind and need glasses. This is the intimate private conversation between you and your soul. In goes the details, like the wisps of hair, like memories pushing their way back in, but can only get there half way.

Now the glaze. The beautiful thin linseed glaze or cold pressed walnut oil. Embed the gold leaf and pencil writings right into the paint.

When you go to change something else, you stand in front of your art and realize you don’t want to change a thing. That is when you know that it’s done.