I reach forward searching for the medicine that forbids my fear to end me. Sometimes strength is not enough, so I reach deep down inside me and pull Her out. She guides me along taking no apologies, seeking no regret. Only unanswered quests of conquer for what’s rightfully hers. I feel her pumping in my chest, exploding her power of belief unto me. I use her will and power to feed the strength that wears me down. I fight the fear with every ounce of matter inside my body.

I face the judgments, the lies, the rumors, the lack of, the shame, the guilt, the power trips, the glass ceiling, the authority, the norms, the roles, the traditions, the oppression, the injustice, the pushing me down, the manipulative cunning, the environment, the politics, the prejudice, the sexism, the racism, the classism, the majority, the cliques, the wealth, the violence, the age restrictions, the regardless, the first impressions, the idiocy, the discrimination, the laughing, the pointing, the misunderstanding, the silence, the religious, the defensive, the ifs, and or buts… and me.

To finally release my voice.

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